Salutations to all members of Kannada Sangha Toronto, Canada - A great organization,
a great place for Kannadigas to meet, greet, share, promote and preserve our Kannada culture, customs and tradition.

For greater Toronto Kannadigas a new chapter began in 1973 with the formation of Kannada Sangha of Toronto.  It  was the vision of a few committed Kannadiga families that saw the establishment of the Sangha. The Sangha began with only a handful of members and has since, come a long way.  We are extremely fortunate that today , KST has blossomed into a very energetic and dynamic cultural association.  This is the result of commitment, dedication of longstanding erstwhile members, coupled with the untiring support of current/new members. The selfless contribution of all previous managing committees, has played a pivotal role in growing the Sangha into its current glory, while nurturing and preserving the cultural essence  of Karnataka and Kannada.

Thanks to the generous support shown by Toronto Kannadigas, which has been crucial to the success of all activities and programs. The spirit of Kannada community has been fostered over the years and continues to guide us through future, to make the association even more vibrant. As an old member of Kannada Sangha I feel elated to see so many people putting their heart and soul into KST activities in spite of their busy day to day jobs and family demands.

I hereby request all the members of KST to please continue to come in large numbers with family and friends to participate and enjoy all the KST events. Kannada Sangha of Toronto Canada aspires to promote Unity, Harmony and Diversity among all Kannadigas and beyond.

Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to seeing you at all our events this year and every year. 

Jai Karnataka, Jai Hind 
Prasanna Krishna.
President, Kannada Sangha Toronto.

ಕನ್ನಡ ಸಂಘ ಟೊರೊಂಟೊ

    Kannada Sangha Toronto